Resin Driveways and Pathways


Resin Based Surfacing systems are a recent introduction to the paving market. High-quality resin is used to "glue" a decorative gravel or other fine aggregate to a firm base (usually tarmac or concrete).  The two types of system are shown below:

The result is an extremely hard-wearing surface suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  They both are oil and petrol spillage resistant, do not fade or discolour in sunlight, are great in all temperatures and can be laid quickly.

Price is no longer the issue it used to be since manufacturing, supply and technology have developed substantially in the last decade.  The greatest barrier to wider use is simply awareness in the architectural, design and construction trade.

All of our installations are SuDS (Sustainable urban Drainange System) compliant and don't need planning permission.

RESIN BONDED (Scattercoat)
Resin bonded surfaces let water run off to the sides of the path or driveway.  The surface is scattered over the bonding resin.  This is a non-porous surface.

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RESIN BOUND (Trowelled)
Resin bound surfaces allow water to drain through your path or driveway.  The surface is mixed with resin and troweled into place.  This is a porous surface.

If your existing surface is beyond repair or otherwise unsuitable for resin, then we will dig-out and prepare the ground for surfacing in line with all regulations .

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